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In many respects I find Fem Dom artwork much more exciting and stimulating than actual photos. They can bring one's fantasies to life so easily with the only limiting factors being a lively imagination and the artist's creativity. I have brought together some of my favourite works which I hope you will enjoy as much as I do.

Sardax is a highly-acclaimed, UK-based artist whose work has been widely published across a broad spectrum of fetish media. He concentrates solely on Female Domination and cites his prime influences as vintage, all-time great American fetish artists Stanton and John Willie as well as Harukawa Namio from Japan. He's a pleasure to sit for and I consider him a friend.


Bernard Montorgueil (his nom de plume) was a French illustrator working on newspapers and magazines in Paris in the 1920s & 1930s. His FemDom drawings were commissioned by a private client after the second world war and only after his death in 1977 were they published. He's one of my favourite FemDom artists and here are some I like most.

fuji_s_lair_3th.jpg (5831 bytes)

Laurent Lebeau is an up and coming French artist who also focuses soley on Female Domination. His work is becoming recognised as being amongst the best around and he is regularly commissioned by a number of well-known Mistresses from around the world.

slavesimon2th.jpg (3489 bytes)

Slave simon, one of my own stable of slaves, is an amateur artist who has demonstrated his devotion and dedication by drawing five illustrations of me so far. He also writes Fem Dom fiction.

Midnight in Moscow was drawn by a loyal subject of mine who wishes to remain anonymous.
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